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LED solutions are rapidly moving to the forefront of horticultural lighting. Additional advances in technology are in constant development. Lumalex understands these benefits and has developed the Spectra FX LED lighting series.

Beautiful Buds with SpectraFX Lighting
Yucky Bud Rot - Not grown with SpectraFX by Lumalex

The 650G (Greenhouse) & the 650i (Indoor) are commercial-grade lighting fixtures, ideally suited for both indoor and greenhouse grow facilities.

The 320G (Greenhouse) & the 320i (Indoor) are built on the same specifications as the 650 and can be used in smaller grow rooms or grow tents.

This linear LED is a robust light suited for propagation of new plants. It is waterproof, maintenance free and linkable.

NOTE: The indoor specifications for the 650i & 320i grow lights are slightly different from the 650G & 320G. Please call (250) 490.9009 for more information.

Use Spectra FX for the following applications:

Leading-edge technology, engineered for efficiency.

“…flowering is better than what I would expect out of the top end commercial grow fixtures. The plant structures stay nice and tight and they seem to love the light spectrum. The savings on power usage is substantial and the loads on the cooling system are drastically reduced…” ~ read more

Peter R.

Head Grower, Large Commercial Facility

SpectraFX Grow Lights

The SpectraFX LED Lighting Series is so effective because of the principles upon which the lights were built. They were developed and engineered to deliver the exact necessary wavelengths of light needed to accelerate, improve, and increase crop yields. Pricing marked below the competition yet engineered to outperform. Do not be mislead by others claiming of high efficiency rates.

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