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For the past 40 years, High-Pressure Sodium fixtures were the primary light source used by growers in the cannabis industry. They were the mainstay because there was no other light fixture with the technology to outperform them. Today, that statement is no longer TRUE.

The advent of LED and the rate at which that technology has advanced has far surpassed the performance of HPS.   LED isthe technology for today and the future.

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High-Pressure Sodium

  • Designed as a flowering light.
  • Little or no blue. Blue required for early-stage growth. Easy to absorb by the plant and promotes the production of chlorophyll.
  • Little or no green. Green regulates plant architecture and assists with photosynthesis.
  • Produces mostly red which is required for flowering only.
  • Missing much of the spectrum of light that plants see and need for total healthy growth.
  • The efficiency at which it delivers light to the plant is lower.
  • The energy draw is 1000w or more. Increased cost of power.
  • Produces an extreme amount of heat. Increased cost for HVAC.
  • Starts to lose light output within months.
  • Needs to be maintained yearly. New bulbs and reflectors. Increased cost for maintenance.
  • Light is not upgradeable.

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Spectra FX LED

  • Designed as a Full Spectrum light.
  • Delivers ALL the proper light needed by the plant, from early-stage growth, through to flower.
  • Has a high efficiency for delivering light to the plant.
  • Less energy draws by 40% or more. Less cost to operate.
  • Far less heat produced, reducing the HVAC costs.
  • Virtually no maintenance costs, substantially increasing savings.
  • Light fixture is completely upgradeable as technology improves.
  • You do not have to throw your light away.
  • Light is almost 100% recyclable. Low carbon footprint.
  • Multiple light spectrums available depending on growing needs.
  • Has a smaller footprint, allowing for less sun shading in greenhouse applications.
  • Quicker response in plant growth.

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