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Why Choose Lumalex LED Lighting Solutions?

It is no surprise that LED lighting options are now moving to the forefront. Lumalex LED solutions deliver the ‘Right Light’ to where it is​ ​needed.

All engineering for the Lumalex LED Lighting Solutions is done in Canada, USA and Asia, with a team of experts focused on​ ​delivering the best, next-generation lighting solutions for your growing needs.

Core Services

Mechanical Design

Lumalex lighting solutions are built to the highest quality standards. We use pure, cold forged-aluminum housings, which are finished with a protective epoxy coating, allowing for spray cleaning in place. The fixtures have an IP66, waterproof, dust-proof Intrusion Protection rating. The driver case is also waterproof and easily accessible. In the event of a need to service a driver, they can be removed and replaced quickly, as all wire connections use speed connectors. We provide the option to remote mount the driver case, for installations where reduced hanging weight is desired. Most importantly, we have designed our light fixtures to be completely upgradeable. As technology advances, you do not need to throw a light away. LED boards and drivers are plug and play.

Thermal Management

Thermal Management is of critical importance to the design of the fixture housing. Using pure, cold forged-aluminum housings provides for the best heat dissipation. Excessive heat will reduce the life expectancy of the LED chipsets as well as the driver. Thermal Management in Lumalex solutions is a key requirement for the extended service life of our fixtures.

Optical Design

The LED light boards deliver a 120-degree spread of light. We use a specialized, ultra-clear, tempered glass lens, that allows for a 98% transfer of light onto the plant surfaces. We designed the lens frame to move the lens closer to the LED boards and prevent light reflection back into the light.

Spectral Accuity

The light fixtures have been engineered to deliver the correct spectrums of light that plants need and see. The engineering required to produce this light is extensive and allows for multiple light spectrums, dependant on the grow application.


Lumalex has taken into account that many growers are becoming Environmentally conscious and looking towards lighting systems that are in fact, Environmentally friendly. The Lumalex solutions have a low carbon footprint and are almost 100% recyclable.

Power Savings

There are considerable power savings available when using Lumalex LED solutions. For the majority of HPS lighting in the grow industry, they run at 1000 watts and can run even higher when in flower mode. The comparative Lumalex 650 watt, saves at minimum, 40% or more in energy use. In addition to this, you have far less heat produced which adds further cost savings on HVAC operation.

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